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Updated: Feb 5, 2019


Story by D.J. Kirkbride, Art and Cover by Nikos Koutsis

The quick errand to snag some bird for a rich weirdo's personal zoo hasn't gone as planned. If Jace and Tawnk aren't eaten by dirt pirates, will they even get paid, what with Tawnk's pesky conscience getting in the way? Seriously though, Jace is failing at this whole responsible big brother thing.

Diamond Order Code: OCT180191

(OCT '18 Previews catalog page 71)


Art: Nikos Koutsis

Co-Colors: Mike Toris

Lettering & Logo: Frank Cvetkovic

Master Commander: Erik Larsen


Basic Concept

In the far off future, humans have been interacting with alien races for enough time that it’s the norm. While the wonders of deep space travel have changed the course of human history and whatnot, to most people the main thing it’s meant is there are now new cultures and people to meet, befriend, dislike, and go into business with-- basically more misunderstandings and squabbles.

While high-level meetings and wars in the stars and discoveries do go on, ERRAND BOYS focuses on the regular folks, particularly those who slingshot from planet to planet running often dangerous errands for just enough money to pay their bills.

Even more specifically, it’s about a couple of brothers who barely know each other but are suddenly all they’ve got.

Lead Characters



Jace, 30-years-old still living like he’s 18. Jace has been estranged from his family since his mom died and his dad remarried disconcertingly quickly after. He got into running errands when he graduated high school, and it’s just what he’s been doing ever since, not really advancing, just getting by. He’s kind of a drifter making ends meet getting paid too little for menial to dangerous jobs. He’s not a bad guy, but he’s lost and isn’t self-aware enough to realize it.

Tawnk, a 13-year-old kid not equipped to deal with what’s happening around him. He's a good kid who wants to do his best to help others, but he's prone to nervousness and worry. He’s small for his age (though adults on his mom’s side grow up to be, on average, 7 feet tall), which has lead to him being picked on some. He’s very smart but is afraid with his parents gone he won't be able to afford school. He’s in mourning but has no one to guide him through it, as his brother Jace is maybe even less equipped to handle tough emotions than Tawnk is. He ends up liking the excitement of errand running life, though, and helps Jace in ways neither expects at the start.



Bear, a 98-year-old pile of alien goo who is basically Jace’s boss. Bear sends this kid Jace on missions that he might not survive. This is not lost on Bear, but he needs his commission. When Tawnk enters the picture, Bear has further reservations. Honestly, Bear feels Tawnk is dealing with the loss of his parents way better than Jace ever did. He can’t help but think the kid might make a great Errand Boy himself once he’s old enough to fly a car.



Max has a great job as a museum curator. Her love of art both ancient and new is superseded perhaps only by her love of reckless adventure. That's what gets her into trouble sometimes. As we meet her, she's kind of had enough of that nonsense, much to Jake's chagrin. Also, she's pretty much always right. No sarcasm in that statement, either.



The 'Bego is Jace's primary mode of transportation. He flies it on all his errands, dangerously slingshotting off New Ebb to parts not-quite-legal to deliver or steal (or reverse/both) whatever he's been hired to do by one of Bearrands, Inc's clients. It's not the latest and greatest model, and the gas mileage isn't great, but Jace can fly it pretty well. Tawnk might be better at it, though. Also, don't use the bathroom. Hold it if you can. Seriously.



The mighty Vazgog is a rare, nearly extinct bird species found only on the planet Mauslio. They are smarter than one might assume and have very strong familial bonds. To a collector of rare animals, they're priceless, though their sentient nature makes that off-putting. Also, their planet might truly need them, if Tawnk's science text paper is correct.

Meet the Creators

D.J. Kirkbride co-wrote the acclaimed fantasy adventure series AMELIA COLE (IDW) and THE ONCE AND FUTURE QUEEN (Dark Horse). He wrote the cosmic space opera THE BIGGER BANG and its sequel THE BIGGEST BANG, both from IDW. He also co-wrote the Dark Horse Comics superhero mini-series NEVER ENDING and the DARK HORSE PRESENTS feature “Laser Joan and the Rayguns.”

Art: Nikos Koutsis

Nikos Koutsis is a Greek artist working on comic books for quite some time. Some of his career highlights are being the artist on MIGHTY MAN one-shot (IMAGE COMICS) and STRETCH ARMSTRONG mini series (IDW), as well as being the Colorist on Erik Larsen’s SAVAGE DRAGON (IMAGE COMICS) and other IMAGE & IDW books mostly (INVINCIBLE, IMAGE UNITED, 50 GIRLS 50, ANGRY BIRDS TRANSFORMERS and much more).

When he's not creating Comics, he teaches his students at Vacalo Art & Design College a Comics Workshop, while at the same time he is a loving father to a lovely very-very young lady!

Co-Colors: Mike Toris

Mike Toris formed an artistic team with Nikos Koutsis and as a flatter has colored more than 3,500 pages for different comic projects, including Image Comics’ (Savage Dragon). He has provided colors for important US artists like Todd McFarlane (Image United), Frank Cho (50 Girls 50), Ryan Ottley (Invincible), and Walter Simonson (Thor Omnibus). Not to mention having been the colorist on IDW/Hasbro, Inc STRETCH ARMSTRONG mini series!

Lettering & Logo: Frank Cvetkovic

Frank Cvetkovic is a comic book letterer whose work has appeared in Never Ending (Dark Horse), Artful Daggers, Drive, Jamal Igle's Molly Danger, The Bigger Bang, and its sequel The Biggest Bang (IDW). He currently lives in Cleveland, OH, where the home teams never win, and the rivers occasionally catch on fire.

Editing: Adam P. Knave

Adam P. Knave is an Eisner and Harvey award winning editor who has worked on varied projects in prose and comics, including two volumes of the Image Popgun anthologies, Molly Danger, Memoirs of a Crime Fighter, Exit Generation, and Contact High. He also writes novels and comics in his spare time.

Editing: El Anderson

El Anderson is an editor of comics, including Contact High. She also enjoys long walks with her owner, a golden retriever named Jenny.

Master Commander: Erik Larsen

If you have no idea who Erik Larsen is, then you really must be here by accident! Anyway, we’re not telling you to leave, but please, go through this link first, before you move forward! Thanks!


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