Updated: Jun 11, 2018

Story and Art by Walter Simonson

Back in 2011 legendary colorist Steve Oliff and his Olyoptics studio offered me my first Marvel Comics work! This was Walter Simonson’s THOR OMNIBUS, collecting the writer/artist’s entire run on the character in one book.

The volume would collect The Mighty Thor #337-355, #357-369, #371-382 and Balder the Brave #1-4, a total of 48 issues! So I teamed up with a group of colorists (more than 10) who would color/remaster a total of 1.192 pages, under Steve’s supervision!

70 have been my share of pages, just mentioning here that though it is only Steve Oliff who has been credited as a Colorist on this book, it’s been a collective work under his guidance that made this come true.

Preview Pages

Nikos Koutsis

comic artist | illustrator 

Created by Vera Kartalou for Nikos Koutsis. All rights reserved.

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